About us

Hospitality from the first morning coffee to the last call at night

We take care of our guests at Café Theres’ all day long–with homemade specialties from our own patisserie and with partners who dedicate themselves just as much to quality and freshness as we do. Café Theres ́ transforms over the course of the day from a cozy coffee tent in the morning to the best picnic area of the Oktoberfest to a sparkling wine bar in the evening. And the first guest is cared for with the same warmth as the last one. We may be a small tent but our heart for service and hospitality is all the greater.

the hosts of CafÉ Theres

The family of host Katharina Wiemes has been at the Oktoberfest with their café and wine tent since 1950. Back then, the grandfather made a name for himself as the only festival host with his own pastry shop. “The tent and its history mean a lot to me,” says Katharina. »My childhood is part of this. All the history, all the work my grandparents did – continuing the tradition.«

Josef Sperl is the second host at Café Theres´since Oktoberfest 2023. Away from the Oktoberfest, you can find him in the “Ayinger am Rotkreuzplatz” in Munich’s Neuhausen district. He grew up with and at the “Straubinger Gäubodenvolksfest” and always dreamed of being active at the Oktoberfest. With Café Theres´ and the collaboration with Katharina, he has found his “perfect match” at the Oktoberfest.

The CrÈme de la CrÈme of the Wiesn

Our heritage is the craftmanship of patisserie and one can taste this in every little deliciousness our guests can taste. Either a morning start with a fresh brewed coffee, a savory picnic in the afternoon or late at night with one of our specially selected wines – at the Café Theres` nothing is impossible. And everything is handmade. For example, our “Theresienbusserl” crafted after a family recipe that hasn’t been changed in over 70 years and which we can proudly call the sweetest kiss at the Oktoberfest.

Freshly baked every day – directly at the Oktoberfest

What has always distinguished us is, that all sweet delicacies, from “Theresienbusserl” to cakes and tarts, are freshly baked by our pastry chefs – right here in our tent at the Oktoberfest. The lights switch´s on here at two in the morning, every Oktoberfest day. So that all the delicious pastries are  ready in time for breakfast and coffee in the afternoon. By the way, the recipes have been passed down through generations and most of them come from Katharina Wieme’s grandfather when he founded his pastry shop.